The eLearning Portal is designed to support Confluence educators face daily challenges of reaching the needs of all students and moving them forward, regardless of their academic, social, emotional and developmental levels. Any given Confluence classroom contains a heterogeneous mix of students with different ability levels and educational needs. For this reason, in order all Confluence students have opportunity to learn and grow, Confluence educators must be masters of differentiating the curriculum, alternating instructional text, infusing technology, administering formative assessment, incorporating varied classroom management routines, and providing remediation and/or acceleration instruction.

Reaching the needs of Confluence learners requires educators to not provide the same instruction, for the same amounts of time, in exactly the same way, to all students. Confluence educators must differentiate their strategies to reach all students, and provide them with opportunities to develop and demonstrate their individual strengths, talents, and abilities while strengthening areas where they are weak.

The eLearning Portal consists of both open access and user-specific courses. Courses are arranged by categories each providing easily accessed high-yield strategies and interventions. Take a moment to look around; we know Confluence educators can do pretty amazing things!